My name is Emma Stevenson and this is my page about me as a teacher and as an artist. I am excited to use this space as a way to share my experiences teaching and making art. I am about to graduate from Pratt Institute with both a masters and bachelors in ART EDUCATION. I am currently working on writing my thesis, as well as finishing up my few remaining credits. I am excited about finding work as an art teacher, and I am currently in the process of looking for art education jobs. I love living in New York, and even though I am from Washington DC, I feel very at home in this city. I am looking forward to living in New York as a working adult. The past 5 years I have spent here I have been working on my combined degree and working as a babysitter as well. It has been very exciting and a lot of hard work. Now, I hope you enjoy looking through some samples of my work, and lessons.

-Emma Stevenson

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