New York Snow

Today, up in Hudson Heights, my "Let's look in our favorite book!" class had our second in-home lesson. In honor of the snow we read The Mitten, by Jan Brett. (My favorite winter time children's book.) And then Painted the snow. I brought brown and red paper so that our white and blue tempera paint... Continue Reading →

Yellow, Jaune, Amarillo!

Second week in the in-home Triangles, Circles, and Squares class in DUMBO. The 2 year olds were more focused on playing with toys this week than making art, but we still made some very good yellow art. Our color this week was yellow, and every 2 year old came in today with a yellow toy... Continue Reading →

Sibling Revelry

Yes, sibling revelry. A bad pun, but a great class this past Sunday up in Hudson Heights. This class had three sets of older sister younger brother duos. All of these families live in Hudson Heights, in the same building or close by. It is a beautiful neighborhood. Now, even those of you who live... Continue Reading →

Pirates and the Caribbean

So last week I had told students that we were going to Spain, and making pottery. Turns out I didn't actually have any clay and wasn't going to get to place the order for a while. "They'll KILL me!" I thought. (I am not actually scared of children and I do not cater to the... Continue Reading →

Studio/Classroom Space

Studio space can be something that either limits or enhances my lessons. Take, for example, the studio space that I have for my ceramics class. There is a double sink big enough for 4 students at a time, several huge table, 15 pottery wheels, and a slab roller for rolling slabs. This enables me to... Continue Reading →

The Color Red

This week, Thursday January 20th, I began my first in-home class for a group of 4 two and three year old artists, and their parents. The class was held in the very beautiful apartment of one of the mothers in DUMBO. When I arrived I got to meet all of my miniature artists and their... Continue Reading →

Starting Our Adventure

On Thursday January 13th, 2011, we began a new adventure around the world in my Art Around the World class. I decided that the best place to begin, since we were picking up some new travelers this semester, would be the good ol' USA. USA! USA! And what better place to be in the USA... Continue Reading →

Trompe l’oeil

Here is a Christmas gift that I made for my friend Michael. (He was nice enough to take a picture of it and send it to me.) My idea in making this object was to make a funny and cute sculpture that looked like an actual distortion pedal, because I certainly wasn't going to buy... Continue Reading →

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