Orange, Anaranjado, Orange!

This week in Private Picassos' class "Triangles, Circles, and Squares, Oh My!"  we discovered our last of the secondary colors, and focused on circles once again. After reading A Color Of His Own, by Leo Leoni we discovered what happened when we mixed red and yellow... orange! Then we took a break from painting and... Continue Reading →

The Very Hungry Artists

It is lessons like this that make any teacher just smile and pat themselves on the back, and then thank their lucky stars. My Hudson Heights class is made up of a group of siblings who all love making art. This week we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. We looked at how... Continue Reading →

I am a Big Sister… Again!

My new baby brother Leo (pronounced lay-o) was Born February 1st at 10:00pm weighing only 8 pounds 11 ounces. I can't wait to teach him some art... but for now I'm happy to see him with his eyes open! I have yet to see my little brother Henry, who isn't very little, in fact he... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Prints

We went to Egypt this week in my Art Around the World class at P.S. 154. The class began with a rowdy group of children, a missing parent volunteer and one boy kicking another one. Sometimes you just have days like this. While I did have a parent volunteer last week I should have suspected... Continue Reading →

Zip Zap Zoom!

This week I taught a free demo class for Private Picassos at Book Culture on the upper west side. We made mini "hot dog" books following a worksheet I printed out for each student. Then using our newly made mini books we made short stories experimenting with the idea of telling a story with no... Continue Reading →

A Magic French Garden

We looked at Monet and his Gardens. Then we flipped through Elmers adventure and realized that there are many ways to draw a garden. Ours were gardens full of our favorite things, and anything else we could think of. One boy make a garden that grew fish!

Scratching, Mushing, Adding, Subracting

This is an example of my ceramic students hard at work. Here you can see students working in pairs at the slab rolling station. Using communication and asking each other "are you ready?" before they begin, we learn that some art takes team work and more than two hands. We used tools to add and... Continue Reading →

Irish Fairies, Elves and Goblins

We read a traditional folk tale about a small elf and a lonely boy getting his wish to have a friend. It was one of the short stories in the Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies, by Jane Werner. It was a very old copy that I had found while digging around in my... Continue Reading →

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