Almost Perfect

This is an example of why it is important to spend time teaching 5 and 6 year olds how to clean up. When I said, "put the scraps on this chair" I didn't realize how may scraps we actually had... Oops. At least they were following my directions, and it is OK for teachers to... Continue Reading →

Shy and Nervous

This past week I substituted for a 11-13 year old drawing, painting, and printmaking class. Unfortunately it was their first class of the semester, so not only did I have to set the tone for a class I wasn't going to teach but everyone was late, due to some confusion. None the less I think... Continue Reading →

Setting The Tone

This past Saturday was the first day for Pratt's Saturday Art School. This means a new semester of my ceramics class for 10-12 year old students. I have been promoted since last semester and I will now have a class of 15 students, instead of 8. This is very exciting. I did have to set... Continue Reading →


I substitute taught an after-school class today on Roosevelt Island. It was my first time ever on the Island and I was so excited to have an excuse to go. However, today's weather couldn't of been more drizzly and gray. It did make for some dramatic pictures. This is looking west from the Island at... Continue Reading →

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