Glazing Continued…

Here are some more amazing examples of my Pratt Saturday Art School students glazing their amazing objects. In case you are wondering what our inspiration has been (not story books) we have been looking at some living artists including: Megan Bogonovich, Alyssa Ettinger, and many more. I like to bring living, practicing, local artists into... Continue Reading →


Here are some images from last week in Saturday Art School Ceramics. Not only did we have students on the wheel, but we were doing drop molds AND glazing. I am looking forward to getting back to SAS Ceramics this week after our short Spring Break.

Super Amazing Objects.

Each student had to draw and write a proposal to me before they were aloud to grab handfuls of squishy fresh clay. "You need to have a direction!" I stressed. I also explained that if, while working with the clay, they changed their mind, they could. All I wanted was for them to have a... Continue Reading →

Indian Green

This week in "Art Around the World", we went to India. But because it was St. Patrick's day I made sure to include the color green since we had already been to Ireland this semester. Each table had only yellow and blue in separate cups.

Drop Molds

"You cannot drop the drop molds! They are made of plaster, so they could crack. Please be careful." I am lucky to have a calm, respectful group of young tweens in my Saturday Art School. They respect me and my advice, but since they are kids they often get overly excited and make a goof... Continue Reading →

Throwing Clay

"Yay! We get to throw clay at the wheels!" Very funny. Ten year olds think they're hilarious. This past Saturday Art School ceramics class we tried out the pottery wheel. Everyone looked excited... little did they know, what frustration and disappointment lay in wait. Fortunately for them, I was experienced in the difficulties and disappointment... Continue Reading →


More trains this week as Art Around the World landed in Russia. Once I had everyone's attention we thought about our castles from last week and looked at the type of castles they had in Russia. Then we looked at the Russian flag and thought of other flags that had the same colors. "The Britain... Continue Reading →

Trains Part 1 (Choo Chooooo)

We used complimentary colors in the Triangles, Circles and Squares Oh My! class this week, and to make sure every single Thomas the tank engine obsessed toddler in my class had a good time we focused on TRAINS! Max actually screamed when he saw the book I was going to read, and again when the... Continue Reading →


And here we have another week already done at Book Cultures Zip Zap Zoom! comic making class. Yet another visit with our favorite super heroes: Crabtastic was back in action sleeping and then not sleeping. Pizzaman and Chip met Once again for a battle of the food! The Regular Life of Luigi had a lot... Continue Reading →

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