Wham! Bam!

This was my last week of the second round of the “Zip Zap Zoom!” run by Private Picassos at Book Culture on the Upper West Side. It was also my second to last time teaching this class. Next week I will be training my replacement as I am moving down to Washington DC very soon, to teach at Glen Echo Park Partnership for Art and Culture.

So here are our final comic books:




Let’s Recycle!

This was a 3 week recycled arts course, and my last 3 classes at P.S. 154. I will really miss this groups of children and this wonderful school community! However life and work are transplanting me in Washington D.C. for a summer of art at Glen Echo Park.

We began our first class with a discussion about what recycling means to us. Do we recycle at home? What types of things can we recycle? Has anyone ever done anything cool with a cardboard box? Then we read Mary Had a Little Ham, by Margie Palatini, and looked at how Mary and her pig had turned a cardboard box into a stage.

For our first art project I had laid out a pile of old students drawing on scraps of paper that I had been saving and a few bottle of paint in all different colors, each having only a little bit left. We puzzled over what to do with these materials (I was open to suggestions) and then decided how we were going to recycle these materials. Everyone was going to do a painting on the back of the old drawings. But since there was such little paint in each container, one boy suggested that we, “mix it all together!” And so we did. I wasn’t expecting that but the goopy brownish black on the multi-colored construction paper came out really nice!

Final Show/ Open Studio

The show was absolutely amazing. I was so happy to see each student showing of there artwork to their parents. I think the students also had a good time re-arranging the room and writing up the descriptions of each lesson. They took the whole show very seriously and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Zip Zap Zam!

Here are some wonderful drawings from my new session of Zip Zap Zoom, a comic book making workshop at Book Culture on the upper west side of Manhattan.

The Wonderful World of Ceramics (Part 1)

This past Saturday was our second to last day of ceramics at Pratt Institute’s Saturday Art School. After my experience last semester where several pieces of student art work not being fired in time for our final show, I decided that the second to last week we would already be done with glazing and that I would bring in a mix of medias for my students, instead of having people glazing up until the last minute, and risk not having everything ready for our final show. So the week before this one I had each student glaze all of their work, every last piece, no matter what. So most everything was out of the kiln this week and had been through it’s second firing. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the studio technicians had prioritized our work. Considering there are also ceramics graduate students sharing the same studio, this was very nice of them.

I came equipped with two glue guns: one for me, one for my 15 year old assistant. I also brought, a bunch of paper scraps, pipe cleaners, acrylic model paint, pom-poms, feathers, and a big bag of multi-colored plastic beads. Each student could pick up to 3 of their finished pieces to decorate. They were encouraged to plan before they brought me things to hot-glue to their work, and also we took a moment to look at a few mixed media artists including Paul Klee’s puppets, which I love. I also provided white Elmer’s glue in case they wanted to do the gluing themselves.

World Travelers

This was simply a fun coloring sheet I gave out at the end of class, to my “Art Around the World” students. I just love how each one looks so different.

China Blue

We went to China as our final destination in our last week of “Art Around the World.” We read Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China, by Ed Young, and then looked at a slide-show of traditional Chinese China pottery, that I had put together in my iPhoto accompanied by some traditional Chinese music. Then it was time to paint out bowls. We also looked at images of Koi fish and Chinese dragons to get inspired.

Then I explained to all of my little explorers that it was time to board a boat and sail back to the United States of America.

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