China Blue

We went to China as our final destination in our last week of “Art Around the World.” We read Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China, by Ed Young, and then looked at a slide-show of traditional Chinese China pottery, that I had put together in my iPhoto accompanied by some traditional Chinese music. Then it was time to paint out bowls. We also looked at images of Koi fish and Chinese dragons to get inspired.

Then I explained to all of my little explorers that it was time to board a boat and sail back to the United States of America.

Zip Zap Done!

We finished up our “Zip Zap Zoooooom!” class today at Book Culture, on West Broadway this past week. We assembled 3 copies of our comic books. Then we added page numbers, copyrights, and our first and last names to each. Then we read a little bit more Remake, by Lamar Abrams due to popular demand.

All you need to get inspired:

Psychedelic Toddler Art

In our second to final “Triangles, Circles and Squares Oh My!” class we used all of the colors we had previously explored in all of the classes leding up to this one. Once again we drew, then collaged, then painted and then folded and smooshed our paintings to make beautiful butterflies!

Next week we will wrap up our 10 weeks with black and white.

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