More Amazing Artwork!

Here are some of the color wheel projects that we begin our week with. Tuesday mornings we start painting and as you can see they always turn out beautiful!

Camp Has Started!


I have now begun my summer semester as an art teacher at the Decorative Fine Arts. The class is part of the many summer classes offered at Glen Echo Park Partnership for the Arts. On Monday of each week we begin in the morning by planning out our color wheels, talking about rules and getting to know each other, and then having lunch and playing outside. In the afternoon session of our class creates clay tiles and small sculptures. Clay is a great medium to jump into art making with. The young children in my class ranging from age 6-12 are less self conscious about mushing and molding than they would be about say, painting.


Looking Forward to Summer

My traveling  and adventures are almost over, and as it gets more hot, humid and sticky I am getting anxious for the summer semester to start. I cannot wait! This first day of the Decorative Fine Arts Camp at Glen Echo Partnership for the Arts will be June 20th.

I am looking forward to color wheels…

Silk screen print-making…

And everything else that we’ll do.

This summer I am also going to be introducing new projects and reviving old ones. I have already started collecting random odds and ends that I imagine the campers might want to glue to there papier mâché.

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