Papier-Mâché Part 3

After all the campers hard work it is time for the bells and whistles. The pom-poms, and feathers. The customization that will add the final touches to their papier-mâché piece. I explain that there are 5 boxes of decorations for them to choose from. They can pick ribbons from the ribbon box, or marbles and... Continue Reading →

Papier-Mâché Part 2

After we have let our papier-mâché dry it is time to paint it. With a little help from our 15 year-old counselors (pictures not available) we glue on extra cardboard bits to make legs and arms and noses and propellers or whatever is needed. Then it is time to paint our papier-mâché. I quickly explain... Continue Reading →

Papier-Mâché Part 1

I begin every paper-mâché lesson by asking the campers if they have ever had an adult put way too much sunscreen on them. Maybe it was at the pool or the beach? The answer is always a groaning, "Yeessss!" Then I proceed to explain that they should all keep this in mind as they work.... Continue Reading →

Frida and Friends

To learn more about Frida Kahlo and her artwork we read a childrens book (a bit on the sad side) about her life: Frida, by Jonah Winter and Ana Juan. It explains the story of Frida's life and why she became a painter. The children actually loved it and inspired by the small creatures that... Continue Reading →

Amazing Free Paintings/Drawings

Since there is a lot going on during a six hour day at a week long camp with nothing but art (an art bonanza!) there is often downtime for a few of the students. Here are some super amazing free paintings and drawings I have captured. This is a collaborative drawing made by two young... Continue Reading →

How We Screen-Print…

The second part of our three part book making project is creating the beautiful silk screen prints that fill the inside of our books. Using the classic snow-flake-cutting technique my campers fold and then cut to create symmetrical stencils which we then use to create these colorful creations: This is very permanent ink so it... Continue Reading →

How We Marbleize Paper:

Each week at the Decorative Fine Arts camp we marbleize paper using a technique I learned from my boss, Sinclair Hamilton. (He is also a talented sculptor and teacher at Glen Echo) In years past I have used carrageenan, a powdered seaweed sometimes found in ice cream and pudding as a natural thickening agent. I... Continue Reading →

One of the Amazing Things We Do!

This is the final result of two of the amazing things we do at the Decorative Fine Arts camp at Glen Echo. We use the silk-screen prints that we've made along with out class mates to create a book of prints. Then we use the Marbleized Paper to cover two pieces of cardboard as our... Continue Reading →

Sometimes Things Get Messy.

This summer I have the distinct advantage at my art camp that a school teacher does not have: A captive audience of 22 children and 6 hours of nothing but art activities. Kids come clothed for art-making, wearing smocks and old clothes. There are no worries about sending them home messy. This gives me the... Continue Reading →

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