Fun Crafting Ideas

For Valentines Day I tried out some crafty ideas. For all of my friends and co-workers at the school (security guards, office staff and all) I made small, individualized heart collage cards. I used stiff card stock paper and different hearts I cut out of images from different magazines. I also sewed together some colored... Continue Reading →

My Winter Classroom.

Since the beginning of the year I have been encouraged to hang student art work as well as keep my classroom decorated and cheerful. Lucky for me this is easy, I am the art teacher. So during our winter months of school, me and the students kept things light by making chinese style kites (a part of... Continue Reading →

Student Vs. Staff Basketball Game 11/25/11

Here are some photos from our student vs. staff basketball game in Fishtown Philadelphia. I had a blast, even though we lost to our star student basketball team! We had some great cheer leaders as well! That is me on the left.

Grafiti Wall

Here is our art room "leagal wall." This was a student initiated and student drivin addition to our classroom. It was a place for students to draw and "tag." They enjoyed having a space where it was OK to doodle with no consiquences. I was quite impressed with their initiative to create such a cool... Continue Reading →

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