Here are just a few great shots from my classroom that don't have a home (or a blog post), but I would like to share anyways.

The Harlem Renaissance

    For one module, to coincide with African American History's curriculum, we studied the art of the Harlem Renaissance. The first artist we looked at was Aaron Douglas. We studied his paintings and focused on the key vocabulary that is important when looking at his work: silhouette, skylines, and symbolism. The students were then challenged to paint... Continue Reading →

Exquisit Exquisit Corpses

After a whole unit of surrealism with loads of research, written assignments and painting I wanted to end out summer session on a positive and fun note with a care-free activity. (No not movie day! That is generally a teacher a cop-out unless you are teaching the history of film) Once presentations were done I... Continue Reading →

Surrealism in July

During the hot and humid month of July I spent a wonderful 4 weeks enjoying the airconditioning with my high school students in Philadelphia. During which time we studied and explored surrealism  This was a subject that most of my students were uninformed in, although some were familiar with Salvador Dali's famous painting of the melting... Continue Reading →

Summer Kids

Every summer now for 7 years straight I have worked at Glen Echo Park Partnership for the arts. About 5 years ago I became the lead teacher and it has been the most wonderful experience. See previous posts for more information: or So this past summer it was once again time to head down to... Continue Reading →

High School Comic Books

Last year, at the high school where I currently teach,  I dedicated an entire half module (4 weeks) to studying comic book art and creating comic books of our own. And I say "our own," because I was creating my own along with my high school students. I brought in my own personal collection from... Continue Reading →

My Whiteboard

Since I have started working at my High School in North Philadelphia I have fallen in love with my whiteboard. I like to buy lots of colorful expo markers and make my board not just a place for information, but a fun place for information! There is also a projector mounted above my board so... Continue Reading →

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