Final Finale Finally!

So the end of the school year  is finally here. I am always very optimistic at this time of year. I can see a culmination of all of my students efforts as well as mine. I can also smell summer coming. We had our first summer thunderstorm last night and as I experienced the change in... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of the End

So as the end of the year approaches, my students have become deeply involved in their "final exam" for my class. They have signed contracts, which can be found here, and now spent almost 5 days working on these. Their contracts are a signed agreements between me and them that state their intentions for this... Continue Reading →

Looking Back

As the end of the year approaches I am looking back at projects we have done this year and I realized I never posted pictures of my student final Charcoal drawings... of me. I was the model for their final charcoal drawings since I didn't want any of them to have to miss out on... Continue Reading →

The Final Concept(ualism)

Continued from last week: After we created our concept maps last week students begin sketches of their own Frank Stella inspired piece. They were asked first to answer the following questions after looking at Frank Stella's artwork: 1. What kind of shapes represent you title? 2. What kind of textures represent you title? 3.What kind of colors represent... Continue Reading →

Conceptualism and Frank Stella

Last week we began our second to last project for the year: Frank Stella Inspired Word Art for the Wall we are creating a mixed media work of art that breaks the confines of our usual squares and rectangles. Inspired by the art of Frank Stella, a conceptual "painter", each student is creating a wall hanging,... Continue Reading →

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