Planet Saved.

Here are some of the final results of what felt like months of hard work. It was, in fact, only a few weeks, but WHOA did my amazing, talented, and persistent students make some great¬†stuff! Now our entire school community, and the attendees at last weeks TEDx event (more on that coming soon…) can see these works of art displayed. My students essentially created pop-up installations around our school building, decorating windows entryways and our upper school library. Enjoy!


Our school mascot, a gator, made from recycled plastic.


A cherry blossom tree made from recycled paper, soda cans, and a plastic recyclables.



A dress, sewn together by two students, made from old cloth and recycled necklaces.


A dress made from CD’s, old slides, and pop tops.




A marque light and a coffee sign, both made with a mix of recycled materials.




A working grandfather clock mad from old buttons, and cardboard.



A dollhouse made from a variety of recyclables.



Hot air balloons made from recycled light bulbs, corks, and poly-fill.


20150321_112302A beautiful splash made from recycled plastic bottles, beads, and an umbrella.



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