Carousel of Animals Camp

For one week every summer I will put a pause on my Decorative and Fine Arts Camp and switch gears. From 6-12 year olds come the 12-18 year olds. We spend an entire week creating large scale carousel animal inspired sculptures. The campers design their animals, I build them wooden armatures, and then they cover… Continue Reading →

More Carousel

These pictures illustrate the intense process that the middle school and high school students went through to make their amazing sculptures. For the large scale animals it was a day of wrapping chicken wire around the armatures and creating the form, followed by papier-mache and then paint. For the mini carouselers it was modeling modeling… Continue Reading →

Summer Through a Screen

This summer I had to approach the Decorative Fine Arts camp with a new approach. Thanks to the global pandemic, camp was going to have to be online, and inspired by a few supply kit options I had seen in the past I immediately started thinking of ways to create a camp that came in… Continue Reading →

Box Videos

Preschool Bird Masks: The Great Outdoors Box: Day 1 & 2 Day 3 & 4 Day 4 & 5 Day 6 & 7 Day 8 & 9 Day 10 & 11 Decorative and Fine Arts Camp: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Carousel of Animals Camp: Day 1 Day 2 Day… Continue Reading →

Summer Camps

I would like to introduce my latest art adventure: I am taking over the Decorative and Fine Arts Camp at Glen Echo! After years of running the camp, my esteemed colleague¬†and talented sculptor Sinclair Hamilton has retired to run his B&B in Hancock Maryland. I will now be running the camp through Emma Teaches Art… Continue Reading →

The Best of Glen Echo

The summer is finally over and I am two weeks deep into work at my new school, which we will call “The Girls School.” I have been busy with my move from Philadelphia to Washington, DC and the transition to my new job, but I feel like it is important to get some documentation from… Continue Reading →

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