Carousel of Animals is Back!

One of the biggest Covid-19 related teaching losses I experienced was in March of 2020 when we left school for what we thought would be two weeks. My high schoolers at Stone Ridge had all just finished a magnificent round of giant chicken wire and papiér mache sculptures. They were gorgeous and ready for the… Continue Reading →

Carousel of Animals Camp

For one week every summer I will put a pause on my Decorative and Fine Arts Camp and switch gears. From 6-12 year olds come the 12-18 year olds. We spend an entire week creating large scale carousel animal inspired sculptures. The campers design their animals, I build them wooden armatures, and then they cover… Continue Reading →

Box Videos

The Great Outdoors Box: $75, Ages 6-12, Includes one box of art supplies, six instructional videos. Enhance your little scientists understanding and appreciation of the great outdoors! Your child can create fantastic sculptures, landscape paintings on real canvas, and so much more. This program is ideal for your artistic elementary school student who loves to… Continue Reading →

Summer Through a Screen

This summer I had to approach the Decorative Fine Arts camp with a new approach. Thanks to the global pandemic, camp was going to have to be online, and inspired by a few supply kit options I had seen in the past I immediately started thinking of ways to create a camp that came in… Continue Reading →

Summer Camps

I would like to introduce my latest art adventure: I am taking over the Decorative and Fine Arts Camp at Glen Echo! After years of running the camp, my esteemed colleague and talented sculptor Sinclair Hamilton has retired to run his B&B in Hancock Maryland. I will now be running the camp through Emma Teaches Art… Continue Reading →

More Carousel

These pictures illustrate the intense process that the middle school and high school students went through to make their amazing sculptures. For the large scale animals it was a day of wrapping chicken wire around the armatures and creating the form, followed by papier-mache and then paint. For the mini carouselers it was modeling modeling… Continue Reading →

Even More Carousel!

Here are the final products of a week of very hard work. These students worked carefully and without much time. I am so proud of them and their finished works of art!

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