Nail Club

About two months ago, I was at my local CVS buying myself my millionth new color of nail polish and I suddenly realized what I wanted my next after school club to be. Since we are an accelerated school I have a constantly changing roster. Our students move through our school very quickly. So, even though dance club had been such a hit last fall my new group of students showed very little interest in it. Also, I was ready for something new, and so based on my love of all things nail art and nail related, the nail club was born. I let students do my designs and I also try my hand at nail art on theirs as well!

I am really excited about after school programs at our school. One time a student told me that he has nothing really going on at home and he would much rather stay and hang out with us (his teachers) than go home and watch TV, or hang out in his neighborhood, or maybe even get into trouble. That gave my after school clubs so much purpose. I had always taken my high school after-school programs for granted when I was younger, but now I can’t imagine growing up without them. It was an after school painting class that lead me to art school, after all. So when I realized that I could successfully draw in students and spread school spirit I fell in love with the idea of creating after-school enrichment programs. I currently have two: Canvas Club on Tuesdays and Nail Club on Fridays.













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