Interior Design

This year I decided to amp up the one point perspective room drawing and add another level of design. While reflecting on last year's "dream bedrooms" I realized that there was a lot of untapped potential in the assignment. I hadn't thought about what a real interior designer might bring to a pitch in order... Continue Reading →

Four Weeks with Sound

Fall has finally really begun, and the leaves are beginning to change. In Foundations of Studio Art, for the past two weeks, and the next two weeks, we are dedicating our time to creating sound art. We defined sound art as "a term for a diverse set of art practices which utilize sound and listening as the... Continue Reading →

New School Year Begins!

So we are off to another great start this school year. I have a whole new group of about fifty five freshman students in my four sections of foundations of studio art classes. I am very impressed with my student work so far. We have begun the year in my studio class with a study of... Continue Reading →

The Final Show

As I continue to explore the many ways in which art can enrich my students lives I have been able to open this experience up with my new found access to a school gallery. When I taught in Philadelphia there were six bulletin boards. One of which contained my advisories winning attendance stats, another with... Continue Reading →


“Landscape is nothing but an impression, and an instantaneous one, hence this label that was given us... because of me. I had sent a thing done in Le Havre, from my window, sun in the mist and a few masts of boats sticking up in the foreground. ... They asked me for a title for... Continue Reading →

Express Yourself (ism)

Expressionism was the name of the game for this unit. It was an exciting week, because it was time to paint bold bright colorful paintings. Below are some of our experiments with expressionistic themes. First we looked at Kandinsky: We then moved on to August Macke, my favorite German expressionist. Then, we were on to... Continue Reading →

Museum Visit to SAAM & the NPG

Here are some photos from my summer classes recent trip to the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and National Portrait Gallery. It is currently my favorite museum in Washington, DC. I think, no I know, my students had an amazing time and not just because we stopped at a Starbucks beforehand while we waited for... Continue Reading →

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