Wham! Bam!

This was my last week of the second round of the “Zip Zap Zoom!” run by Private Picassos at Book Culture on the Upper West Side. It was also my second to last time teaching this class. Next week I will be training my replacement as I am moving down to Washington DC very soon, to teach at Glen Echo Park Partnership for Art and Culture.

So here are our final comic books:




Zip Zap Done!

We finished up our “Zip Zap Zoooooom!” class today at Book Culture, on West Broadway this past week. We assembled 3 copies of our comic books. Then we added page numbers, copyrights, and our first and last names to each. Then we read a little bit more Remake, by Lamar Abrams due to popular demand.

All you need to get inspired:


So things are going well in Zip Zap Zoom land. We looked at my friend, and published cartoonist Lamar Abrams. We read a short story from his book: Remake, by Lamar Abrams, and the boys (because I have no female students in this class) LOVED IT!! We worked on covers and created 8 panel stories. We also had this amazing book, that was once my mothers, Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals. Mine is a first edition, unlike the one you can now buy on Amazon.com. Just saying.

Zip, Zap and ZOOOOOM!!

This week at Book culture we started our first week of comic book production. We read started out by developing our characters and then told a quick story about there super powers using only 4 frames. I absolutely love teaching this new format and I think I wil really enjoy the next 3 weeks of this class. Here are some pages from our soon to be awesome comic books:

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