Sibling Revelry

Yes, sibling revelry. A bad pun, but a great class this past Sunday up in Hudson Heights. This class had three sets of older sister younger brother duos. All of these families live in Hudson Heights, in the same building or close by. It is a beautiful neighborhood.

Now, even those of you who live here in New York, you might not have heard of Hudson Heights. In fact, one friend even claimed that I really went to a made-up neighborhood and that I was just in a fancy part of Washington Heights… well. Hudson Heights, according to Wikipedia, is a “sub-neighborhood of Washington Heights“. So I guess he might have been a little bit right. Hudson Heights is home to the Cloisters and Fort Washington Park. It also has the most gorgeous view right at the entrance to the 190th St. station on the A train.

We started out this semester-long class titled “Let’s Look In Our Favorite Book” with Harold’s Trip to the Sky by Crockett Johnson. Each week in the class we will create work inspired by a classic work of children’s literature. Here is some of our artwork from the first class:

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