One Point Perspective

In our last module we completed a unit on one point perspective. This was all possible and thanks to a local artist, Erin Murray, who inspired us with her artwork, as well as donated tons of paper to a classroom that desperately needed it. So thank you very much Erin and my students as well for working so hard!


2013-01-04 10.28.22

2013-01-04 10.27.55

2013-01-04 11.56.46

2013-01-04 10.28.50

2013-01-04 11.56.31

2013-01-04 11.57.46

2013-01-04 11.58.37

2013-01-04 13.39.30

2013-01-04 14.28.552013-01-04 14.24.39-2

2013-01-04 10.28.33

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  1. Ha. I remember doing one-point perspective in art class when I was younger. For some reason, all of these examples are light-years better than anything I was ever able to come up with. Keep up the great work Ms. Stevenson!

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