More Blossoms

I had my last day teaching at the Family Art Studio at Glen Echo this past Saturday. It was an amazing final day. My youngest brothers even came to visit me! I will miss working at Glen Echo, but I cannot sustain a 6-7 day work week forever, so I decided to ask if I... Continue Reading →

Blossom Festival!

So I work two jobs. It's great to earn extra money when you are saving for a house! My weekend work involves being a teaching artist at Glen Echo Park Partnership Park for the Arts and Culture, at Glen Echo National Park, in Glen Echo Maryland. (long enough?) I occasionally gallery sit and manage events,... Continue Reading →

Flashback/Flash Forward

It is getting close to summertime and I am experiencing¬†nostalgia. ¬†I have now worked for 8 years as a summer art teacher at one of the most beautiful national park cites in the US, Glen Echo Park in Maryland. Here are a few gems from last year.  

Sometimes Things Get Messy.

This summer I have the distinct advantage at my art camp that a school teacher does not have: A captive audience of 22 children and 6 hours of nothing but art activities. Kids come clothed for art-making, wearing smocks and old clothes. There are no worries about sending them home messy. This gives me the... Continue Reading →

Psychedelic Toddler Art

In our second to final "Triangles, Circles and Squares Oh My!" class we used all of the colors we had previously explored in all of the classes leding up to this one. Once again we drew, then collaged, then painted and then folded and smooshed our paintings to make beautiful butterflies! Next week we will... Continue Reading →

Rainbows Ahoy!

Rainbows are wonderful when you see them after a rain storm, and anyone who has seen one will remember it clearly. Where they were, what they were doing. Unless maybe you live in Seattle or somewhere where it always rains and you see them all the time. Unfortunately, according to my most recent toddler survey,... Continue Reading →

The Color Red

This week, Thursday January 20th, I began my first in-home class for a group of 4 two and three year old artists, and their parents. The class was held in the very beautiful apartment of one of the mothers in DUMBO. When I arrived I got to meet all of my miniature artists and their... Continue Reading →

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