The Color Red

This week, Thursday January 20th, I began my first in-home class for a group of 4 two and three year old artists, and their parents. The class was held in the very beautiful apartment of one of the mothers in DUMBO. When I arrived I got to meet all of my miniature artists and their parents. All of them lived in the same apartment building, and all of the little artists had red hair! Once I was able to tear myself away from the view out of the apartments floor to ceiling windows I set up our three project for the day. We read Clifford the Big Red Dog, by Norman Bridwell then worked together on a collaborative drawing using red chalk, crayons, colored pencils and oil pastels. then we used glue to decorate and collage a frisbee so that we could play with Clifford. After than it was time for the piece de resistance: Model Magic dog houses for Clifford! We had a great time and thanks to my plastic table cloth clean-up was easy-peasy.

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