These are some of my favorite blogs and some recent posts of theirs that I found especially amazing. I love finding new inspiration for future lessons, and here are a few: Absolutely Lovely Gardens Great Envelope Recycling Super Cute Rainbow Inventions ^A painting by David Marcgrant

Final Show/ Open Studio

The show was absolutely amazing. I was so happy to see each student showing of there artwork to their parents. I think the students also had a good time re-arranging the room and writing up the descriptions of each lesson. They took the whole show very seriously and I couldn't be happier with the result!

The Wonderful World of Ceramics (Part 1)

This past Saturday was our second to last day of ceramics at Pratt Institute's Saturday Art School. After my experience last semester where several pieces of student art work not being fired in time for our final show, I decided that the second to last week we would already be done with glazing and that... Continue Reading →

Sibling Revelry

Yes, sibling revelry. A bad pun, but a great class this past Sunday up in Hudson Heights. This class had three sets of older sister younger brother duos. All of these families live in Hudson Heights, in the same building or close by. It is a beautiful neighborhood. Now, even those of you who live... Continue Reading →

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