Frida and Friends

To learn more about Frida Kahlo and her artwork we read a childrens book (a bit on the sad side) about her life: Frida, by Jonah Winter and Ana Juan. It explains the story of Frida’s life and why she became a painter. The children actually loved it and inspired by the small creatures that follow Frida around in all of the illustrations and her imaginary friend in the story I asked my campers to create their own imaginary friends, using single sheets of construction paper that they had previously folded in half and cut randomly. I had them do this prior to the introduction of the assignment. Once these organic shapes had been glued down they set to work with markers. This project was an excellent way to fill in the final hour of our Wednesday afternoon.

*Depending on the combination of ages and personalities I have to have extra assignments ready or be prepared to pair down existing projects, depending on the speed at which my campers are working.

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