The holiday season is always a time for nostalgia and reminiscing on seasons past. The last two years I spent in Philadelphia, I was organizing and pulling together our school talent show this time of year. It was (in my humble opinion) my greatest contribution outside of the classroom to the school culture. I would stay late with students working out dance routines, skits, and musical performances. This year at Stone Ridge we have entire departments dedicated to each of these types of performance. We have a Christmas musical performance, and a winter play, and I can’t help but miss my old school.

Don’t get me wrong there is plenty that I am involved in here in my new position. The art departments upcoming piéce de résistance will be our springtime art show that we are already beginning to prepare. So I am a valued team member here, just like I was at One Bright Ray, and it is equally rewarding. I guess what I really miss is the students that inspired me and will always be a force of wonderful positive change to my life.

Here are a few:



Happy Holidays!!!

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