The Final Concept(ualism)

Continued from last week:

After we created our concept maps last week students begin sketches of their own Frank Stella inspired piece. They were asked first to answer the following questions after looking at Frank Stella’s artwork: 1. What kind of shapes represent you title? 2. What kind of textures represent you title? 3.What kind of colors represent you title? 4. What makes Frank Stella’s art unusual? When they were done they created THREE sketches in their sketchbooks of potential designs for their artwork. Each student was encouraged to focus on our three main elements: shape, texture and color.

On Day three we used our foam core and careful cutting skills to create our shapes. I reminded students that shape was an important element of this project. We also began to prepare these shapes for painting by covering them in gesso. This was because our foam core supply (left over from this years art show) is mostly black and is hard to paint over without a white base coat. On day four and five students were painting, decorating, and putting together their final pieces, and on day six students presented their works of art. Their presentation consisted of a description of why and how they chose each element of their work of art (shape, texture and color), and what principles helped to guide them. I also reminded students that in conceptual art the main idea is the most important aspect of their work of art. So they were required to explain their thinking behind each choice.

Check out some pictures of the projects below.













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