Final Finale Finally!

So the end of the school year  is finally here. I am always very optimistic at this time of year. I can see a culmination of all of my students efforts as well as mine. I can also smell summer coming. We had our first summer thunderstorm last night and as I experienced the change in the seasons a wave of calm washed over me. Also, a bit of water washed over the pollen, too. Thank goodness!

Below are some magnificent works of art from our final, independent projects.

2014-05-18 22.46.16

2014-05-19 01.05.16

2014-05-19 01.04.51

2014-05-18 22.47.34

2014-05-18 22.47.06

2014-05-18 22.47.00

2014-05-18 22.46.48

2014-05-18 22.46.36

2014-05-18 22.46.26

2014-05-19 01.05.22

2014-05-19 01.05.37

ice cream

2014-05-19 01.31.56



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