Bird on a STEM

I recently conducted a unit integrating art and STEM through an exploration of local birds. By combining elements of play, observation, and artistic expression, this unit not only engaged the students but also fostered cross-curricular connections. To kickstart the unit, we began by making our own binoculars. Using black paper rolls and vibrant washi tape,... Continue Reading →

Help Me Hokusai!

I want to share an exciting and engaging art project I recently conducted with my two sections of 5th grade. We delved into the world of E-Z-Cut block printing, drawing inspiration from the renowned Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai and his iconic print, "The Wave." We used teacher demos and peer learning a lot and the... Continue Reading →

Creating a Sustainable Learning Oasis: Elementary Students Embrace the Sustainability Garden Project

In today's world, fostering environmental consciousness and promoting sustainability have become essential goals within education. At Washington Episcopal School (WES), students are actively engaged in a remarkable project that combines art, science, and nature. The entire elementary school, from second to fifth grade, is excitedly preparing for the creation of a sustainability garden. (You won't... Continue Reading →

Sign Up for Summer Camp!

Looking for a fun and creative way for your kids to spend their summer? Look no further than the Deco Arts Camp! This exciting summer camp, designed for children aged 6-12, offers a wide range of art activities, from silk-screen printing to Suminagshi paper decoration, color wheel paintings on canvas, ceramic sculptures, and more! Running... Continue Reading →

Grade Three and Symmetry

What did the art students at Washington Episcopal do this winter? Moroccan-inspired tiles! Grade three was inspired by the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen and also spent time learning about different types of symmetry. The students started by learning how to roll clay through a slab roller, then cutting their tiles out to the desired... Continue Reading →

Grade Five Assemblage Vibes

This year my 5th-grade artists looked at the work of Louise Nevelson and Betye Saar. Inspired by their work with found objects we started our own collection of bits and bobs. Each student started out with a cardboard base for stability and then we learned all about composition. We played with how we would arrange... Continue Reading →

Second Grade Leaf Plates

In Second Grade we started our ceramics unit by tying in their number corner's look at pinnate vs. palmate leaf types. The resource I used from the American Museum of Natural History's website is here. We left our campus and explored the amazing Capital Crescent Trail as a class. We collected various pinnate and palmate... Continue Reading →

Marbelizing Paper With Miss Katie!

Marbelized paper has always been a feature of the Deco Arts Camp, and I mean always. When Sinclair Hamilton founded the Decorative and Fine Arts Camp, now Deco Arts Camp, marbleizing paper was a project that was done from the beginning. Still, it's probably one of the projects that has also changed the most. We... Continue Reading →

Color Wheel Classic!

The color wheel is a staple of the Deco Arts Camp. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous wheel of thoughtfully mixed colors and carefully painted shapes! The color wheel patterns are differentiated by a campers age, but ss campers return they have the opportunity to try the more complex color wheels and even... Continue Reading →

Book Nook Update!

The Deco Arts Camp book nook has been a huge hit so far! We love to see campers reading! Its been a great spot for early finishers or campers who need a break from a challenging painting project. It's good to see the room working as a second teacher.

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