Summer Surrealism

Once again I have had an incredibly successful summer session, teaching Surrealism to my students. I revamped, revised, and revisited my curriculum from last summer. I was so pleased with the results last year that I couldn't wait to teach it again, and I was right to be excited, because the results came out even... Continue Reading →

Exquisit Exquisit Corpses

After a whole unit of surrealism with loads of research, written assignments and painting I wanted to end out summer session on a positive and fun note with a care-free activity. (No not movie day! That is generally a teacher a cop-out unless you are teaching the history of film) Once presentations were done I... Continue Reading →

Surrealism in July

During the hot and humid month of July I spent a wonderful 4 weeks enjoying the airconditioning with my high school students in Philadelphia. During which time we studied and explored surrealism  This was a subject that most of my students were uninformed in, although some were familiar with Salvador Dali's famous painting of the melting... Continue Reading →

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