Surrealism in July

During the hot and humid month of July I spent a wonderful 4 weeks enjoying the airconditioning with my high school students in Philadelphia. During which time we studied and explored surrealism  This was a subject that most of my students were uninformed in, although some were familiar with Salvador Dali’s famous painting of the melting clocks. Over the course of 4 weeks we defined surrealism, we explored automatic writing, and we determined who our favorite surrealists were. Our final product was a revamped, reinvented version of one of our favorite surrealists paintings or photographs and a presentation of this work of art along with information we had found while researching said artist. For example: Did you know Man Ray was born in Philadelphia?

Can you tell which paintings are based on Rene Margritte? Salvador Dali? Leonora Carrington? Man Ray?












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