Exquisit Exquisit Corpses

After a whole unit of surrealism with loads of research, written assignments and painting I wanted to end out summer session on a positive and fun note with a care-free activity. (No not movie day! That is generally a teacher a cop-out unless you are teaching the history of film) Once presentations were done I wanted us to play a game as a class. This is a game invented by the surrealist and know to most all art teachers across the universe. It’s called the exquisit corpse. It involves the creation of a creature or person. Each creature is the work of 3 different people, and sometimes more, but in our case 3. By folding the paper into thirds, and making marks over those folds for a neck and waste, you are ready to go. The first step is for everyone to draw a head that conforms to the pre-determined neck lines. Then by re-folding the paper each student hides their head from view and hands their paper off to the next person to blindly draw the body, and then the next person blindly draws the legs. In theory the final result is a surprise and usually of mixed gender and species. It’s terrible looking and often funny.

After the first one my students demanded we do one more.







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