Studio Two: Student Perspective

In Studio II students have been diving deeper into the elements and principles of art and design. For the first semester there is a specific focus on line and value as well as craftsmanship. We started the year with contour line drawing. This included studies of landscapes, still lifes and the human figure. Here is a description of what we have been doing as explained by two of my amazing student, Lenora and Carter:

“For some of our first sketches in Studio Art II we experimented with a variety of lines. We found that we were capable of capturing inanimate objects or aspects of nature without picking up the tip of the pencil from the paper. The limited amount of time we had made it challenging, however we learned how to control and manipulate the texture of lines to make an object look as realistic as possible. With the control from this exercise, we could further advance our sketches, incorporating cross hatching.”

Thank you Lenora and Carter for a beautiful explanation.











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