New Digs

So throughout the pandemic, the construction on our campus has continued and finally, this year, our entire arts department has moved into a new space: The Mater Center. Named after a fresco of Mary as a young women dubbed “Mater Admirabilis” meaning “Mother Most Admirable” it is both a dining hall, theater, worship space, and a center for the visual and performing arts!

From my schools website:

The Mater Center will include a state-of-the-art 420-seat theater for musical, dance, and theatrical productions as well as lectures, assemblies, and classes. The second floor of the Mater Center will house classrooms for choral, orchestra, and band classes as well as practice rooms for all performing arts students. The dynamic visual arts program will have brightly-lit studios for 3D and 2D art as well as a Photography Lab and Dark Room. While student art will be featured throughout the Student Life Center, the second floor will be home to the formal Visual Art Gallery. “

Below you’ll find a picture of the new building as you’d see it from the end of our new campus walk, and then some shots of the spaces I’m using this year. You can see the visual art office, the 2D studio, our computer/photo lab, and a small workroom for students. It’s absolutely stunning, and I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing new opportunity for our whole department!

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