New, New Digs!

I have recently accepted a job at the Washington Episcopal School, just outside of DC in Bethesda Maryland as their elementary art teacher. I am following my children into what I hope will be their school until 8th grade! I am going to be teaching 2nd-5th grade art classes, and I couldn’t be happier! The move from High School to Elementary is something I always envisioned for myself, and I’m hoping my experience with my summer camp and my long lost years of student teaching come in handy. I love teaching art because this special subject has the ability to boost a kid’s confidence. I like showing my students that there are many, many ways to be an artist. It makes my heart grow to work with a bunch of fearless artists. Children this age live in the moment and can enjoy the process of artmaking as much as the final product. It’s a magical time in a kid’s art career, and I’m excited to be a part of it! Please enjoy some pictures of my classroom and new campus.

You’ll notice in the new classroom set-up an early finishers table is available for students who complete a task faster than their peers. I also added a Book Nook. It is available for students who want a brain break, need inspiration from a book, or are having strong emotions that prevent them from participating fully. Enjoy some of my before and after photos. I had so much fun setting up my classroom!

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