Marbelizing Paper With Miss Katie!

Marbelized paper has always been a feature of the Deco Arts Camp, and I mean always. When Sinclair Hamilton founded the Decorative and Fine Arts Camp, now Deco Arts Camp, marbleizing paper was a project that was done from the beginning. Still, it’s probably one of the projects that has also changed the most. We used to use methylcellulose and now we use carrageenan. We used to put it on rectangular paper and wrap it around cardboard to make book covers, now we make cards and collages on colorful card stock. However, the biggest change, and the secret sauce to our success this year was Miss Katie! Miss Katie is an art educator (, a children’s book author and illustrator, and a retired baker! Most importantly she was my co-teacher this summer. To say I appreciated her passion and expertise in the art education field would be an understatement. She made camp twice as fun, and we were lucky to have her! So the marbelized paper, in particular, became her pet project for the summer, and the baker inside her tweaked the carrageenan recipe, and the paint to goo ratios, along with a special pull retrieval method, and basically perfected this project. The results were amazing and every child would audibly gasp in delight as they unveiled their creations. This was definitely a highlight of our summer!

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