Sign Up for Summer Camp!

Looking for a fun and creative way for your kids to spend their summer? Look no further than the Deco Arts Camp! This exciting summer camp, designed for children aged 6-12, offers a wide range of art activities, from silk-screen printing to Suminagshi paper decoration, color wheel paintings on canvas, ceramic sculptures, and more!

Running for eight weeks from June through August, the Deco Arts Camp is the perfect place for kids to explore their artistic side, learn new skills, and make friends in a supportive and welcoming environment. Our experienced instructors are passionate about art and love working with kids to help them unleash their creativity and develop new skills.

In addition to our main camp, we also offer a one-week mini camp the week of the 4th of July called “the Great Outdoors Camp”. Here, kids will get to explore nature while making nature-inspired art projects such as leaf prints, rock paintings, and more.

For older kids, we offer a special teen camp called “Carousel of Animals”. Aimed at 12-16 year olds, this camp offers the opportunity to make large-scale papier-mâché animal sculptures, made on wood armatures wrapped in chicken wire. It’s a great chance for teens to explore their creative side, learn new skills, and make something truly unique and special.

At Deco Arts Camp, we believe that art is an essential part of childhood and can help kids develop important skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and self-expression. That’s why we’re committed to providing a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where kids can explore their artistic side and make new friends.

So why wait? Sign up for Deco Arts Camp today and get ready for a summer of fun, creativity, and adventure!

Register and find out more here:

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