Fabulous Figure Drawing!

In my sophomore Studio I class we have been practicing different approaches to the figure. For the most part, we used vine charcoal and a little bit of black chalk pastel for extra oomph! We started this unit with sweeping gesture drawings, focusing on capturing the overall movement of the figure. Then we looked at the skeleton and muscular anatomy and tried to imagine the things that form the bulk of the figure’s shape. After that, we used Pinterest and found outfits we liked so that we could practice draping fabric on top of the figure. After that, we put all of these skills together by doing 1-2 minute observational drawings of each other. Finally, I sat for a long 20-minute pose and students had the opportunity to do an extended drawing from observation as a sort of culmination. I think the results turned out beautifully, and I was delighted with the amount of engagement I saw from my sophomores.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a very cool gif made by a student on her iPad. It’s all of the drawings of my long pose taken in order around the room to create the illusion of me spinning around. I thought that was such creative use of technology!

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