The Importance of Sketchbook Work

One thing I am very proud of this year was how I have enforced the habit of sketchbook work in all of my upper level students. Each month I required all of my students in all of my classes, sophomore through seniors, 4 pages or 2 “spreads” worth of work in their sketchbooks. Some of it was guided with prompts and some of it wasn’t but it was always due at the end of the month. For the last two months of school I made sketchbook work optional. My AP Drawing kids had to focus on finishing their sustained investigations. Still, everyone turned it in. It had become a habit, they had done it, and they wanted credit! I was so impressed.

Below you’ll find some examples of student sketchbook work followed by a finished piece. I think you’ll see some preliminary work and edits happening here between initial concept and inspiration and the finished work.

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