From Start to Finish

This year my Studio II class was one of the MOST resilient group of students I taught. They dealt with the most disruptions to their schedule in an already chaotic year, and STILL, despite everything they showed initiative, challenged themselves to try new things, and gave each other loving support and praise as they lifted each other up during virtual class critiques. Below is an example of an assignment I asked them to do twice. We started and ended our year with self portraits so that we could incorporate our new knowledge of color theory, value, and composition from our various assignments and sketchbook work throughout the year. My hope was that by asking them to actively incorporate these new concepts they would have to recall and apply them and the hopefully bring them into their work next year in AP Drawing 1 more seamlessly. Either way the effort, and improvement is very apperant in their work!

*Left is beginning of the year portrait and right is end of the year portrait.

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